You don't remember a thing. You are coming to with a headache and blood running down your face. The mist of disorientation quickly leaves as you realize you are in a very different place. Holding a sword (The Demon Sword) in one hand and a compass (The Compass Of Wave Follower) in the other. A fog permeates the stone structure that surrounds you. Outside are mountains, dark and foreign to you. But that is just the beginning of the Dark War...

          Dark War is a visual experience where you are what ever you are. Humans, Werewolves and other sorts of creatures are thrown into a training mission. A mission to build their level for a future war. You wont die, the Demon Sword makes you indestructible. You could get lost easily, but you to have the Compass Of Wave Follower to help you stay the course.

          Fight everything you find. Hunt for gold and treasure. Find the secret way to your next level. But be warned, do not enter if you are claustrophobic. If you have anxiety, it will get worse. It is only for the fit of mind. Are you right for this? If so, welcome to Dark War!

           Get the free single level PC version or purchase the full PC version for $4.99 using the Pay Now button below. With the full version your level will be transferred to a future online game, Night Clans, that we hope to launch early next year.